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Have a Passion for Apple Products? Look at these opportunities for a Job You’ll Love!

Always good to see posts like this – It hasn’t always been so fruitful for people passionate about Apple products!

Hot Career Opportunities for Mac Enthusiasts!

From: AppleGazette.com

News is popping up all over for Macs in Big Biz!

For many years I have been in this Apple Technologies support arena and never before has there been such a positive feeling and movement with Macs in the Enterprise! Check out this fine article!

More About Macs and Business

. . . → Read More: News is popping up all over for Macs in Big Biz!

Updates time and I’m back in the WP frame of mind!

It’s simply time to get back into my WP stuff for myself- Done a bunch of fix its for others, now I’m back – Look for new Photo Gallery Section – COMING SOON!

Join the Cult… Turn the MacGeek on in you!

Like using your Mac?  Want to really use your Mac and have fun?

Check out this great little Bundle available from Cult Of Mac.

Check it by Clicking Here!

“Watching” the Super Bowl is now “All Inclusive” for everyone!

How many of you watched the Super Bowl in a different way this year-?

Even if it wasn’t with your favorite iOS device and you may have slung thru with a Android or Blackberry, it was probably something unique to previous years. Consider planning a trip to a Carribean nation next year or . . . → Read More: “Watching” the Super Bowl is now “All Inclusive” for everyone!

“Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance.”

And you can get much more if you read “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu. More motivation and power quotes can be quickly looked up here- But I highly suggest reading the book.


I’ve returned- Time is so hard to put aside these days…

Good to be back- I’ll look to Update and Post this long Presidents Day weekend and then post Calendar Reminders and block out some time to keep up!

How is everybody doing? Lets hope I can remember all my access passwords!

Save $50.00 on a “new” iPad from Apple

~ READ- New to You!

But hey thats $50 and the devices are as good as new. See this post to find out more info.

That extra money could buy you an upgrade to iLife 11!

Refurbished iPads for the . . . → Read More: Save $50.00 on a “new” iPad from Apple

Reasonable Expectations… Well, Why Not?

It’s got my initials on it! at least 1 of them…

With a $300 million price tag, the boat isn’t short on perks. According to a profile in the Wall Street Journal, she has 23,600 square feet of living space, three swimming pools, three speed boats and a 24,000 horse power engine. She also comes . . . → Read More: Reasonable Expectations… Well, Why Not?

I got my i7 and am ready for takeoff, Houston!

Music, Photography, Video, WebDesign and more…. Lord Save Me!  

And there are only 2 weeks until Child no. 2 comes along. Named in development stages as BeBop, He/She seems ready to come on out already… Did you ever see that movie “Alien”? Well watching TV of late the last week I expect something . . . → Read More: I got my i7 and am ready for takeoff, Houston!