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How can you take back control of your earning powers?

Do you work for a large company? Small Company? Consultant?

What do you think you can make if you ventured out on your Own? Lets take a look at what things interest you and see how a different path to income would be.  Lets take Word press designing… Do you know someone who could . . . → Read More: How can you take back control of your earning powers?

Wise saying…

You are not there until you are there.

Are we there yet?

10 days and Counting… All Hail BeBop!

BeBop is on his way that means I’ll be a little involved in a few things during the coming weeks that may or may not increase the amount of posts you all will see… My feeling is that it will.

There are a copuple of things I will probably try to do- 1: Force . . . → Read More: 10 days and Counting… All Hail BeBop!

The Ultimate Store Owners Alarm System and 100% effective!

Just caught this on a Post on Twitter- RT: @Nico_Mar

Fog/Strobe combination deters would be thieves!  

I think this is Amazing! Disco will scare anyone off! You dig?


~via: ScribeFire Safari Extension

Whats with these High School dropouts and getting P A $ D !!!!

The once-anonymous blogger is out now, with a logo, a PR agent and plans to build a brand Jonathan Geller. Photo: PED The shadowy figure who calls himself the Boy Genius racked up an impressive run of scoops — internal AT&T (T) documents, pre-release access to nearly every BlackBerry, some big iPhone exclusives — in the four years before he sold his brand . . . → Read More: Whats with these High School dropouts and getting P A $ D !!!!

Today, a little Quiz for our returning and newbie visitors

Welcome one and all-  :)

Just wanted to try my Quiz Software again, I hadn’t used it in a while so I thought I would upgrade the “Quizin” plugin to the WP3.0 version and challenge my readers. Good Luck!


IPhone/WordPress PostEnabled

A couple of tweaks to some .php admin pages and I now can post via my iPhone- Did I happen to mention I am on the 504? It’s my mobile office

This access should allow me to be much more present on my blog now keeping it FRESH!!! You know it’s very important . . . → Read More: IPhone/WordPress PostEnabled

Successful Update to WordPress 3.0- All Manual, All the time!

Well time had come and I decided to get this upgrade going. Manual install on my personal site seems to have gone quite well. Now time for a little QA…

First noticing all seems good with baasic content and previous uploads… I am happy.

Now lets PUSH IT!  :)

UPDATE: WP to 2.8.6 and a Full Server Upgrade

Last night, with the help of my Superior Web Master Sheldon from JagFly Hosting in Amherst, MA, MyBlack-IP.com was upgraded to a new Red Hat server. This will allow us to use PHP5 and therefore be able to use some advanced features in many of the plugins I am gonna be using here. Especially . . . → Read More: UPDATE: WP to 2.8.6 and a Full Server Upgrade

UPDATE DAY: Time for WP 2.8


The inevitable test has come- Time to update the WP 2.7 to 2.8 and test my skills at a clean and uneventful upgrade. This will be my 1st here but I have done to other DEFAULT upgrades already and feel confident. Tally in and discuss your Upgrade stories! I’ll generate a Forum . . . → Read More: UPDATE DAY: Time for WP 2.8