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“Watching” the Super Bowl is now “All Inclusive” for everyone!

How many of you watched the Super Bowl in a different way this year-?

Even if it wasn’t with your favorite iOS device and you may have slung thru with a Android or Blackberry, it was probably something unique to previous years. Consider planning a trip to a Carribean nation next year or staying at home as I did with family and still enjoy being SOCIAL and in contact sharing with all your new and extended Family on the Web.

Did you Tweet about that play or commercial? Did you Pinerest a fabulous Taco Salad recipe? Did you tangle it up on Facebook looking at a posted picture of Eli Manning in a Tiger outfit from College? Tubmlr a pict of you and your gang at the Local Bar with a tasty beverage in hand? Hootsuite across multiple social networks at once when Darth Vader gave the pinch in the VW commercial? Then you had a new experience that will somehow be eclipsed again next year when possibly your favorite team will make it to the Game, or not. It will always be an interactive circus of TV and Technology and fun!

With iPhones and iPad in laps, we were able to share thoughts and comments on all the commercials, Halftime show activities and more live and in realtime more than ever. I really didn’t miss being at a bar… or at a party… just happily building sheet forts with my 1 & 3 year old girls and Kathy on our own Sofa!

Now about that Madonna half time show…. < more to follow on that in a future post >

Congratulations to Curtis Martin on his Hall of Fame induction!

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