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Mac Administration- Tips beginning to show all over the Web… Great Ones!

Be sure to check out a couple of blog pages I have found to be helpful in the last couple of days for information re; Managing Macs. Seems MacAdmins are letting out more and more tips everyday. Does this mean people are figuring out finally how to have macs and PCs in one homogenous environment without issues? Many of these are real world issues which is great, because learn-books sometimes don’t give you the real story/situation.

A Mac OS X Update Server:  http://macadmincorner.com/setting-up-reposado-and-margarita-on-linux-part-1/

General Notes from a Mac SYSAdmin:  http://mattsmacblog.wordpress.com

Great Advice on all mac management and information:  http://www.afp548.com

Deep Dark secrets from Jaharmi, who is a “Professional Noodler” with OS X:  http://www.jaharmi.com/topic/mac_os_x

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