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Today’s Quiz!

Welcome one and all-  :)

Just wanted to try my Quiz Software again, I hadn’t used it in a while so I thought I would upgrade it to the WP3.0 version and challenge my readers. Good Luck!


When did Apple release the first iMac (hint- they didn't come in colors yet!)?

What was the name and year of the first Portable Macintosh computer?

What was Maestro's first Mac he owned enabled by a Purchase plan from his employer Standish Ayer & Wood, Inc (First job in Boston-Worked as a Desktop Publisher)?

What was Maestro's first Powerbook model given as a gift from his Mom for Christmas because he was an early Apple Freak!

What is Maestro saving for now?



Volkswagen and the 1963 Chicken Tax

The Aregument is vague and old but check this out:

What do chickens have to do with trucks? Plenty, if the trucks are not built in North America and are being imported into the U.S. Pickup trucks and other small trucks are subject to a 25% “chicken tax” protectionist tariff imposed by the U.S. in 1963 after Germany tripled the duty on frozen U.S. chicken products coming into that country. Over four decades later, the world has changed and some innovative products are caught in a bind.~  ENR.com

Frankly this is disapointing… especially if you want one of these BAD!!!


Looking to make 2010 as being DO IT year!

Introducing the sites that will function as my priorities this year (as of now 1/5/10):

MyBlack-ip.com – my personal tech site where we do everything web and develop to my hearts content.

New Agency Boston: newagencyboston.com will become a fantastic profit/not profit collaboration for a Green Community on the web. As it states it will be  ”A new model for the confluence of Creativity, Technology and Philanthropy”

Ionis Life Art: ionislifeart.com is the collaboration between my mother, Ionis Martin, and I are creating an online presence for displaying her life experiences and artwork. As well teaching her how to use Word Press on her Mac. She loves the Apple store on North Michigan Ave in Chicago where she lives.

MBiP-COLOCO: My Word Press development and collaboration site for the projects I am working on. This is exhaustive to explain but if you are reading this now, you are in it!  :) feel free to look around.

MyWizDumb.com:  NEW and coming soon: for now it will reside on WordPress.com- where I will post funnies and creative stories in various media to share. hopefully this will be a collaboration amonst me and my Cousin Rj, who I am trying to get into Web work and exposing him to a mew creative career. We hope to do many video projects… Stay Tuned!!! It will probably start at my http://mywizdumb.wordpress.com/

MaestroABFMGreetings… and welcome to my MAESTRO MASH~

Here is where I will be posting works in progress for my clients to view and review the work and stages I am at. This page will change often and nothing private will be posted here. I am however interested in what people are thinking about some of the designs I am putting together- Feel free to leave a comment below any posted project you see.

This weeks Project is Urban Living Studio- A Design concierge style shop that Kathy and her friend Kristen are working on. The object is to get a simple yet sophisticated small website posted to convey the services offered and allow prospective clients to visit and gather a little brief information on her Company. Later stages will hopefully integrate a shopping tool and blogs about projects in progress and passed. Click on any of the images to be able to post your comments.

Lets take a look: Priorities are to create a Logo, Small Website and some hand out materials for obtaining prospective clients. The look and feel is to be sophisticated but not overworked and confusing. Looking for Clean, Modern and Hip. Lets look at todays posted work done over the weekend:  [UPDATE- Friday and it was a hundred fonts at least I went thru last night to find the right balance and character for the design -  little play on regular/italic also helped out in the end- So far i think i Have a little nice groove going on here- The client can still say "No, Sir- I don't Like it!" <Ren and Stimpy ~the Horse> But I will keep this one for the Portfolio at least. I was guided to provide a Pass Out card that could call people to contact the client in a quick instant- again we are looking to attract high end clients and the look has to sa a lot. Also check the Slicker web-test design I have been working on- I'm digging this black and Glass look with the steel perforated back-: Now posted:]

Logo work (110609):


The rough new Webdesign too…

Logo work (110309): [UPDATE- Monday after further review we decided to take it a little further- to make it more unique and styled: Now posted:]


hese came from the brainstorm that developed these 3 designs:


Now lets see how it looks in a WebMockasin~> Again – I am doodling with the design and tweeking ideas- This won’t be the final version but elements we see may carry over-  How do you like that color scheme??? I’m kinda digging the “fresca” look!