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(November 04, 2009): The Dawg and Poni Show would like to announce the upcoming Demo Album will be available for the Holidays! Take a quick look here to see a work in progress sample of the Demo’s proposed cover art and listen to the samples linked nicely here and hosted by ReverbNation.



We The Dawg & Poni Show have entered into the reality of our surroundings… Our recent recordings at Mad Oak Studios in Allston MA went so well we have begun to look forward at where our creativity can take us. Mike Butch and I will have to take a deep look at whats next now. I am sure it will be to develop our presence on the web, get more small gigs and create our band persona. We have evolved… the Future will not be prepared for all that we can do.

Our stagard releases of the Demo Sogs will continue thru the end of the year- culminating in hopefully getting all the songs posted and possibly in a more ‘finished’ form… We will begin reviewing the songs with friends of ours who work in various factions of the Music and Entertainment industry gathering productive and insightful criticisms so we can get good notes and polish our sound.

So far the news is that people generally like what we have so far. One response is to take one song directly to TV for it has the lick that the public will attach to. Another comment is that “The aggression and tanacity of the beat is so funky” that its hard to believe that we are only a three piece band. Putting the demo album on the CD player and take a road trip- WOW it all seems so ready for prime-time!

We have to give out big shouts to our recording engineer Benny who did a masterful job at establishing the base sound of our session… listening a little to some similar Seattle rockers to get and idea of a sound and blending their energy into a similar style with our sound… that little known band sure was intimidating at first when we discovered what he was doing but then we began to think BIG and pull ourselves up and reach the accord of our talents creating our super sound and giving us spark to do more… Its more than just a hobby now…

More to come later…

Please keep your eyes out for our official website and 1st recording releases soon in 4Q 2009… we currently are designing the “package” within which we can deliver to you… The Dawg & Poni Show… live and direct!

~The Professor

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Allyn Martin
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